Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sweet Vintage Tablecloth

I feel a new urge coming on for another vintage collection. This time for vintage tablecloths. Look at this new (old) one that I brought home from Maine a few weeks ago.

It was in a great pile of miscellaneous textiles that my Dad had. He asked my sister and I to go through it and pull out any items we wanted. I saw this tablecloth and knew I had to have it. While my sister went through the pile first I crossed my fingers hoping she wouldn't take it. Boy was I lucky!!

Doesn't it make you feel happy and sunny? On closer inspection it does confuse me a little--I think the larger red fruit is cherries that are running around the inside border--but around the outside I am pretty sure those are bunches of grapes. What do you think?

I already collect vintage and antique kitchen tins, buttons, storybooks, homespun and laundry items (oh, and baby clothes, fabric, pillowcases and canning jars . . .) Hmm . . . looks like I am going to need a bigger house!

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