Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So Long Tell me Tuesday, It's Been Fun!

Hello my friends! If you are checking in to post for Tell me Tuesday, I have sad news. I am no longer going to be hosting the party.

There are a couple of reasons why this is the case.

The first is that McLinky Tools is now charging a subscription fee. While I understand that, I don't currently sell any of the items that I create here on VP, so I can't really justify the expense.

On another note, my current interviewing process for a job I would adore is winding down, and I am very close to finding out if I have received the position. If that is the case (and I have my fingers crossed) I will be returning to full time work and will need to let some things go, among them Tell Me Tuesday.

That said, I do not plan on ending my blogging here on Vintage Pollyanna. I have developed a nice group of followers, and I still enjoy having this space to share my treasures.

And speaking of vintage treasures, my Dad has some fabulous items in his Ebay auction this week! Here are a couple of them:

Vintage Wooden Painted Folk Art Bird

So again, I am sorry if you were coming to link up and I have disappointed you. I have really enjoyed making new friends, and hope that you will continue to come back and see what is going on here in the world of Vintage Pollyanna!



  1. It seems like there are a lot of people who've had to let their parties go because of McLinky's new fees. It's a bummer, but I completely understand. And good luck on your job! I hope you get good news soon!

  2. Sorry to hear that. I love your blog btw. I did notice that in your "popular posts" side bar the text overlaps the pictures a bit. Mine does the same thing! Any idea how to fix that?


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