Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Fabric Rosette Pins Tutorial

I have just finished making twelve of these fabulous little Holiday Fabric Ruffle Pins as a gift for the teacher's at my son's pre-school. Here's the tutorial for you!

I wanted to give them something handmade, quirky, and fun. One day last week I was looking at my all-time favorite accessory, this fabulous Ruffle Pin from Flannery over at Three Sisterz.

You might remember my post about the night that she and I made rosettes from fabric and zippers. You can also find the tutorial for the actual ruffle making process there. I'm not sure how hers turned out so much curlier than mine--but mine are pretty cute, right?

Sp basically, I cut about an 18" by 2" strip of fabric. I then set my tension to the highest number and my stitch length to 4. Then I folded the strip in half and sewed down the strip vertically, about 1/4" away from the folded side. This creates a long ruffle. Next, I cut out a square piece of felt, placed one end of the strip in the middle, and then start sewing the ruffle down, turning the square as I go. You really have to feel the process out. This is what it looks like from the back (after I trim down the felt.)

Next, I cut a circle of felt to cover the back, which is a little messy. I will also give me a clean surface to which I can hot glue my pin.

A little glue,

Press it to the back of the rosette, and let it dry.

Here is a view of my assembly line:

Next, I apply a few dots of fray check around the rosette. I actually like a few threads coming off of it, I think it makes it look a little shabby.

Here are the pins that I use, I got them from Michael's.

They come with a sticky strip and foam backing. I peel off both (please ignore my markered up finger tips!)

I turn all of the rosettes over, and put strips of hot glue on the backs of two of them at a time.

Next I position the pin, and press lightly.

Here they all are, ready to go!

This morning I asked James to make a card for his teachers to go with the pins.
It says "I love PSA" which is Pre-School of the Arts. I drew the outline of the tree, but he did all the rest!

He wrote the message inside, all by himself!

All done and ready to go!

Merry Christmas to the teachers at PSA--thanks for all that you do!

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  1. That's so cute. Adorable! I love this idea! Great job.


  2. Great idea! I would want one with a non-holiday fabric, so I could wear it all year, it's so cute. As a teacher, I love the card from the student the best. :)

  3. Super cute! I love them!

    Come link up:

  4. Great tutorial! My favorite parts are the fray check and the pins. I had NEVER heard of fray check before. It is must have for any seamstress/crafter. However, I do love the shabby/haphazard look. Also, those pins are so quick and great for any mom who has kidlets to wrangle while crafting.


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