Friday, December 24, 2010

A Last Minute Bow-Making Tutorial

Last week my friend Yolanda posted a photo of a stunning present she had wrapped for Christmas on Face Book, and I just HAD to ask her to share a bow-making tutorial with us! (I will be wrapping into the wee hours of the morning, and I know I'm not the only one, so hopefully we can all put this tutorial to good use before Santa arrives!)

I went to high school with Yolanda, and now, years later, we have reconnected through Face Book. Yolanda lives in Dallas and is married with two beautiful children. Though not a blogger, Yolanda has been a supporter of my blog, and I am pleased to give her tutorial a home on Vintage Pollyanna.

Yolanda's Bow-Making Tutorial

Cut off 5 to six feet of ribbon, preferably a ribbon that has stiff edges/piping because it shapes better. Use 3 to 4 feet for smaller packages or bows.

Take one of the ends of ribbon and fold in about 6 to 7 inches.

Continuing folding ribbon end over end until you have no ribbon left.

Fold the folded portion in half.

You'll have a nice ribbon sandwich!

Snip the corners of the sandwich on the fold. Make sure to snip a big enough piece as this is what helps to shape and twist the ribbon into the bow.

Unfold the sandwich one time and it will look like this:

Cut off another piece of ribbon to tie around the folded ribbon at the notches. Cut as much for the tails as you would like hanging down from the bow. Tie this piece around the center of the unfolded sandwich where you snipped.

It's cute now, but just wait!

Start sliding out the folded pieces that are layered within one another. As you do you can twist them and shaped them to be puffy and pull them into the position you want.

The piping or wire helps to hold the shape you create.

Your bow is finished!

Now go wrap some presents!

Thanks Yolanda! This was fun--let's do it again sometime! And to all of you,




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