Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Fabulous Vintage Button Necklace

I have been very excited to begin a tutorial that a friend pointed out to me earlier in the summer for a necklace made from old buttons. I made my first one this morning and I love it!

I have made button bracelets and rings, but never attempted a larger piece. The minute I read about this tutorial from Yellow Blackbird I knew I had to try one for myself!

Aubree discovered a button necklace over at Lenora Dame for $70! Here it is:

Here is the one she made for herself:

Isn't it great? And $70 bucks? Are you kidding me? If I could sell mine for $70 I'd be a crazy-rich jewelry artist! I have millions of buttons from my Mom's shop!

Here are a few that I pulled out this morning to work with:

Here it is all finished! (I went a little nutso on mine--I think I have twice as many buttons on there as Aubree does.)

Do I look pleased with myself OR WHAT??? (That is a brave pic--no makeup and bed-head hair!)

Oh my goodness I am in love with these.

I could just stare at this thing all day. I can't wear it--I won't be able to see it!

So I do actually have a job (I work from home as a communications consultant) and I do have a big project today--but you can bet that as soon as I complete it, and as soon as the kids are fed, and the laundry is done, and the grocery shopping finished, and the baths taken, and the books read . . . I will be making more!!! LOL

Update 2 hrs later . . . I made ANOTHER ONE!!! (This may end up being a worse obsession than the Ruffle T-shirts!!!)

I am linking up today to the Creative Chick Parade, a blog hop supported by several of my most favorite funky and crafty blogs.

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  1. awesome! can i shout to the world that it's all mine?! i'll take a picture of me wearing it.

  2. You can!! And e-mail me the pic pronto and I'll add it to the post!

  3. I love buttons! The necklace is adorable. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love it. I would buy it too! Are you planning on selling them?

  5. Thanks Molly! How's that sweet baby of yours?

    Thanks for coming to visit Chic Creations! I'll pop over and see what you are up to later today.

    Hi Christy--I don't know--but e-mail me if you want one and we can chat about it. ;-)

    Thanks SouthernScraps!

  6. Oh my word, I ADORE that necklace!!! Seriously, I love it!

    ~Lori @ Paisley Passions
    Join my Linky Party Thrilling Thursdays

  7. I love this! Have been saving buttons for a number of years. Will have to be making one of these!
    You should come link this up at my Making It With Allie Party!

  8. Sorry for the delay in my comment- my Internet has been down.

    I love your necklace! I am so happy that you could use my tutorial. Love your version! Thanks for sharing it with me. If you don't mind, sometime in the future I would like to feature it on my blog.

    -Aubree from Yellow Blackbird

  9. I'm a button collector so I really like your necklace!

  10. way cute! i love it!

    we just moved & didn't have internet for a few days - i missed your blog!

  11. what a fun craft! Now to just collect enough buttons! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

  12. I did a post about projects that people have made based on my tutorials and ideas so I included this necklace!


    If you are interested, you can come over and grab a "featured on" button!


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