Friday, September 17, 2010

A Little Friday Love for My Vintage Rolling Pin

Is that weird that I adore my rolling pin so much that I want to dedicate this week's "A Little Friday Love" post to it?

Bah. Who cares. How could I not adore it? Just look at how gorgeous it is! That aged blue detail on the handles is my favorite part.

The wood is so warm, so homey, so inviting . . . it says "Welcome to my kitchen. Have a seat. Have a slice of pie."

Or in today's case, have some homemade noodles that I just lovingly made from scratch and rolled out with my favorite kitchen tool.

Old-fashioned Chicken and Noodles, anyone?

E-mail me if you'd like the recipe. It was a great meal for one of the first cool Fall days this year!

This post is part of a few linky parties. Please visit them--you will fill your head with so much inspiration that you'll be crafting or baking or decorating or re-purposing for YEARS! (Plus, some of them are my newest friends--so if you like me, you're bound to like them, too!)

And a little note, I won't be back until Monday--we are readying for our yard sale--so I'm going to be knee deep in boxes for three days! (And hopefully knee deep in cash at the end!)



  1. I agree with every thing you said about your precious rolling pin, reminds me of my grandmothers's, i still have hers.


  2. I have a rolling pin just like that! My handle does come loose though. And I love how you made those noodles. I think they look yummy! Hope you had a successful weekend :)

  3. Katie--the noodles were SO GOOD! And it has to be because of the love that was rolled into them with that pin, right?

  4. I have looked all over your blog for your email address and can't find it. The weather is turning cool and the Chicken noodle soup looks wonderful. I want the recipe please.

  5. Hi Tammy, there is a button in my sidebar where you can e-mail me. I will send you the recipe this weekend. You will love it!


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