Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fun Applique Tees for James

A few nights ago my fun friend and craft neighbor Flannery invited me over to do some appliqued t-shirts. Let's just say that after I finished the first one I was HOOKED!

The first one I made was this fun lowercase j for James. The shirt is from Target ($6) and the applique fabric is from one of Flan's husband's old seersucker shirts. (Thanks Garland!)

We just found a font that we liked in word, printed out the letters (a few hundred times) to get them the right size, cut them out, traced them on heat 'n bond that was ironed to the wrong side of the applique fabric, cut the letter out, ironed it on to the shirt and then zi-zag stitched around it!

One of the reasons I love my sewing sessions with Flan is that I learn a lot. This time I learned three important things:

1. She has a self-threading needle doo-hickey on her machine. Grrrr . . . why don't I have that???

2. Once you iron the Heat 'n Bond to the wrong side of the fabric you have to peel away some paper stuff to then affix the applique to the shirt when you iron it. (Thus "Heat" and "Bond" DUH. (Stephanie--not sure how those applique onesies I made you are holding up . . . LOL)

3. Flan showed me that if you kine up the edge of the applique with the inside right edge of the sewing foot, the zig zag stitch will perfectly overlap the teeniest bit right to the edge of the applique (see poorly-drawn diagram below)

So needless to say, after that first "j" shirt I became a sewing fool. You know how I get obsessed. Like with the Ruffle Shirts. I couldn't make just one ruffle shirt. OH NO. I had to make 8. Well, it was no different this time. I made four shirts for James, one for Ella, and two for my youngest nephews.

Here is a #4 shirt for James (I was pretty happy when he asked if he could wear it on his first day of school!)

Remember the 80s Solar System curtain panel fabric project? Well I made a shirt from that, too!

Here are some shirts I made for my littlest nephews, Garrin and Matthew and one for James. I found these long -sleeved t-shirts at Old Navy for $6.

I found this great tough-guy but still cute for a little boy fabric for the appliques. Just look at that precision stitching. I know! I can't believe it either!

Here's James on the first day of school in his #4 shirt. I just love that I made him something special that no one else had!

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  1. Hi there Allison! These t-shirts came out terrific! Your son is precious as is your daughter. It looks like you are enjoying them. =) I found both of your blogs to be very interesting and we seem to have common interests, antiques and vintage treasures being my favorite! Keep up the great work!

  2. Allison, the onesies held up great! He only fit in them for a hot second but I'm saving them to repurpose somehow.

    I totally got addicted to applique-ing for a while, too. It is SO fun. Love the stuff you've made.

  3. Just found your blog over at 733. Super cute stuff you have here! I'm your newest follower and I would love to have you join my blog as well. Come by tomorrow for our Feature Friday blog party! I'd love to have you there!!

    xoxo Marni
    @ Sassy Sites!

  4. Hi Annie! I checked out your site--so fun! Great post about all of the vintage dresses.

    As always Flan--Thanks!

    Steph--isn't that a hoot? I know my eyes got big as dinner plates when Flannery started to peel the backing off!!

    Hi Marni-I will definitely take a look. Friday's I do my 'A Little Love for My . . ." posts where I pick out a vintage item from my collection for the week. I'll definitely link up.

  5. What fun and endless possibilities. Thanks for sharing at my Under $100 Linky Party

  6. Those are all so great! Nice work!

  7. How cute are these! Thanks for linking up last week for Friday Favorites!


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