Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Stockings from Vintage Quilt Remnant

Some how in the hustle and bustle of Christmas I forgot to blog about some stockings that I made for my Dad and my sister Amy. They were coming to spend Christmas day here in Connecticut. I wanted them to have some stockings hanging on the mantle, and so I got to work thinking about how to make them.

Ten years ago I ordered velvet stockings from Pottery Barn for Chris and I. As our children joined our family, I added a stocking for each of them. I decided to take a look at one of them and try and copy the design.

I actually went and bought fabric for them initially--I purchased fabric that had a vintage feel to it, and I was going to go with a quilted look. When I got home and laid the fabric out to begin the project, it hit me that I had a nice vintage red and white quilt remnant from my Dad in my stash.

Wouldn't it make a perfect stocking, I thought!

The process took me a few hours--I haven't ever really sewn anything quite as involved as a stocking, and it takes some figuring out about how to add the lining and the cuff, and how to put all of the pieces together and sew them correctly so that when the whole project is turned it is right.

Sure there is some damage, but it just adds to the lovely vintage look, don't you think? The cuff is just the reverse side of the quilt; I thought that the sewing was so beautiful against the aged white that it would look really sweet as the cuff.

I could kick myself that I didn't take photos of both of the stockings, the details of the lining and the backs. The back I made from a piece of green flannel that was my Mom's. I thought it was important to incorporate a little bit of her into these stockings. Comforting.

Anyhow, I wanted to post about these before it was too late. Now I want to make four more for Chris, James, Ella and I for next year!

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