Friday, January 28, 2011

A Little Friday Love for My Antique Secretary Desk

Look what Dad got me for Christmas!

I don't have an office in this house, and I needed a workspace that would also prevent little hands from getting to my computer. This secretary was the perfect solution!

Across the top of it I placed a clock (not antique or vintage, but we have had it for over ten years), my pantry box, a great Victorian paper weight with a pic of my little ones and my sweet chalkware girl.

The paper weight was a gift from my Mom and Dad during the last Christmas we spent with my Mom before she passed. Dad put the photo of the kids in the paper weight--it was actually a photo from our Christmas card that year. I think about how little Ella was, and how I lost my Mom just two months later. It makes me a little sad when I look at it, but I like to be thinking of my Mom, sad or not.

I especially like the drawer pulls on this desk:

And of course all of the little compartments on the inside:

So when you think of me blogging, picture me here:

How have you incorporated your love for antiques or vintage into your daily workspace?


  1. I'm surrounded by vintage floral prints and paint by numbers!

  2. I love your desk and everything Dad gave you

    I have one almost like it and it's full of paper treasures. After looking at your I think I might have to rearrange mine , maybe put it in my kitchen area from my studio

    It makes me sad to hear about your Mom she will always be in your heart even when your an old lady you will still talk of your Mom

    I am not an old lady yet but I mention my Mom a lot on my blog.

    I know this because my Grandmother who raised me lost her Mother at age 9 and she always talked about her Mom till she died at age 89


  3. belle le tue idee creative!
    ciao La Sportina

  4. Thanks for the feedback, Ladies! And Janice, I know you are right. ;-)

  5. Nice Hitchcock chair and I miss my mom too.....


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