Friday, August 13, 2010

A Little Friday Love for My Hoosier

I've decided that a great way to show off my vintage collections is to start a theme day for Fridays. I'm calling it "A Little Friday Love" and I hope you become a regular Friday reader to see what I'm showing off for that week!

This week I am sharing one of my most beloved peices of antique furniture--my Hoosier cabinet. This cabinet sat in my Mom and Dad's antique store for about 12 years. It was always displayed with the doors open and vintage and retro kitchen goodies pouring out of it.

I always, always wanted it for my very own, and when my Dad closed the shop lat year he asked me if there were items that I wanted from it and I expressed my longing for the Hoosier. It now sits in my dining room and every time I look at it I think of my parents.

Knowing my love for vintage tins, my Dad has been giving me a few every visit we make to Maine--so I have a nice collection that now sits atop the Hoosier.

Some of these tins are quite rare--but it isn't their collect-ability that I love about them--it is the colors, the graphic design on the labels, the feeling of living in a simpler world that draws me to them.

Nestled in the back on the right-side of the photo below is a prized glass jar with a metal lid that reads "Gold-Brand Pure Leaf Lard Geo. C. Napheys & Son, Philadelphia." It has quickly become one of my most favorite pieces. It will also have a central spot in Ella's Lemonade & Sunshine Birthday Social, as I will be filling it with wildflower on the cake table.

Hanging from each upper cabinet door (the hardware, by the way makes me positively giddy) is a handmade potholder from my dear friend Stephanie over at Built to Last. Though not made from vintage materials, she also has a love for old things and an eye for fabrics that certainly evokes vintage.

Inside each of the upper cabinet doors is a label. One is "Helpful Cooking Tips" and the other is a place to list Flavouring Extracts. The latter label also has a list of patents for parts of the Hoosier, which start in 1906.

You might think that the cabinet is filled with kitchen items, or china, but I actually use it as a sewing cabinet. The upper portion houses my sewing machine and my sewing basket, the middle portion and the lower cabinet hold all of my fabrics.

If you have been reading this blog over the last week, you have likely seen the Hoosier featured in other projects. I like to hang sewing projects on it to photograph them.

If you want some collectible tins for yourself, head on over to Pollyanna's Ebay auction. My Dad has a great Eight o'Clock Coffee Tin up for auction. It is definitely a fun tin, as it was to hold 3lbs of coffee!

Thanks for visiting me for the first installment of "A Little Friday Love!" I hope you come back soon. Please follow me, and leave a comment about how you found me.

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  1. Love your Hoosier! Love your tins too.

    We bought the top & enamel top of a Hoosier at an Estate sale 8+yrs ago and I just started using it a few yrs back (I had to find a base for it). Went to Goodwill a few yrs back and found a 'bar', bought it - married the 2 and now I have what I call my art houses my paints, beads, pictures, Everything! Sadly - the enamel top is still in the garage waiting for that 1 perfect piece for it to go on).

    (1 of my very first blogs)

    Mine also has: SELLERS Special Menu, Daily Reminder <~not in the best shape (took it dn so that I could put a cork board up) and the What to serve w/ Meats Labels (flour sifter too).

  3. Amy, the enamel top is the best part! Or maybe its the rolling door front, or maybe the hardware . . or . . LOL

  4. What a great cabinet! And I love your old tins. You're so lucky to have grown up around all things vintage! I'm trying to get my kids into it, if for nothing else than just to appreciate the age of things. Thanks for the inspiration!

    :) Michelle

  5. I am so jealous of your hoosier! Awesome!


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