Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Sunday Feature on U-Create

Hello and Happy Sunday! If you have popped over from U-Create, welcome! Kari was very gracious to feature me on her blog today--I have received many new visitors who have come through her blog and I really must say W.E.L.C.O.M.E.!!!!

U Create

So here is a little update on some of the ongoing preparations for my daughter Ella's upcoming Lemonade and Sunshine Birthday Social. First, the party is this Sunday--ONE WEEK AWAY! If you look back at this post about it, you will see some of the inspiration that I pulled from around the web for the party.

Initially I was very excited about photos 2 and 3, but I don't think my newly two-year old will actually keep a flower crown on her head, and I have decided not to use my old Mason and Atlas jars for lemonade as I remembered that I have a huge glass container with a spot that I am going to fill instead. I haven't decided yet what kind of cups or glasses to use--but my Dad is bringing me some of my Mom's vintage jelly jars--so that may work.

I have decided to fill the jars with wildflowers for the tables.

I don't have enough, so I have started soaking labels off of jars from things from the back of the fridge. I plan to have about 20 jars filled with flowers. I am also going to wrap the necks of the jars with leftover fabric from my Scrappy Fabric Banner.

Oh! And I am happy to share a sneaky peeky (a term my Bloggy friend Kim over at Small Words likes to use) to show you this item I picked up at a local antique shop. I needed a really large tablecloth and found this beauty!

Oh, and that blue piece with the sunflowers? Awww . . . I can't give away all of my tricks in the first week!

AND--you know how I mentioned Kim over at Small Words? Well she just finished a BEAUTIFUL custom-painting for Ella that I will talk about tomorrow!

Stay tuned . . .



  1. Best of luck with the party!

  2. Thanks so much Amy!! It will be so fun (I hope as much fun as it has been getting ready for it!) ;-)

  3. I'm so happy I found you! I am from Brunswick, but I married military, so I am not there anymore. My Mom lives in Bath now!
    I remember your parents antique shop! I took dance on front street and used to walk the street before class. Your parents house even looks familiar to me, but I could just be going crazy. :)
    I miss Maine so much! This just made my day! :)

  4. So Flygirl--do we know each other? Did you graduate from BHS? I am so glad someone remembers the shop. Did you take dance from Fay Pye??? I DID!

  5. I did, I graduated in 06. :) I don't think we know each other, I found you via UCreate.
    I didn't take dance with Fay, I actually took it with Tami Palmiter at Bath Dance Works. She now runs the Full Circle Dance Company out in the Fort Andross Mall there right off Main St in Brunswick.
    Ahhh! Sorry I'm rambling, but I haven't been home in a while & I miss Maine! :)


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